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KTM Tour Mongolia is the foremost motorcycle tour company in Mongolia, organising guided motorbike trips throughout the summer, to all corners of Mongolia, fully supported by experienced staff. Motorbike tours in Mongolia are specialised and require more than just the motorbikes. We have exceptionally good logistics, local knowledge and a strong team that includes mechanics, a doctor, helicopter rescue support, as well as telecommunications and appropriate support vehicles. This is what's needed for a good motorcycle tour and will give you peace of mind. These days in Mongolia, only KTM Tour Mongolia are able to provide a whole fleet of the latest model of the leading brand “KTM 450 EXC” motorcycles, all with the same engine size.

Mongolia is a country perfectly suited to motorcycle riding, having endless tracks crossing beautiful and dramatic landscapes with little traffic and vast blue skies. You will have a completely different experience to that of riding in Morocco, Australia or busy Vietnam or Thailand. Our country Mongolia, is ideal for off-road riding and will give you an experience that you will always remember.

Non-riders are welcome on every trip and can ride in one of the support vehicles. Mongolia motorcycle adventures give you an opportunity to make great friends amongst the group as well as meeting local Mongolians: nomadic families living an ancient lifestyle that has changed little in centuries. For groups of friends or motorcycle clubs we can organise special tailor-made motorbike tours in Mongolia, designing a route for you that fits your riding experience, time schedule and personal interests.

Most of our KTM tours include a week riding, usually a circular route, staying in traditional Mongolian “Gers” or in remote places camping in tents. Some people may not have that much time to spare for a motorbike vacation in Mongolia, so now we include shorter motorcycle tours as well, great for a long weekend getaway.

Choose from the three motorbike itineraries below, or one of the two shorter trips.

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Gobi Desert Motorbike Tour ©KTM Tour Mongolia
Central Mongolia Motorcycle Tour ©KTM Tour Mongolia


Eastern Mongolia Motorbike Tour ©KTM Tour Mongolia


"Gobi Desert" Off Road Motorcycle Tour 5th - 14th July 2015

The Gobi Desert straddling the border between Mongolia and China, is a wild and dramatic place, entirely suitable for motorcycling. We ride on all sorts of roads: asphalt as well as packed mud or gravel tracks with washouts and potholes. Just about free of traffic & through some spectacular scenery. This trip is a fascinating cultural experience as well as an off-road bike tour across Mongolia of over one and a 1700 km. The famous Gobi Desert is not all vast flat steppe under a deep blue sky. There are bizarre rock formations, canyons, the Gurvansaikhan mountain range and sand dunes 185km long, as well as forests of small saksaul trees and other desert vegetation.

"Khorgo Volcano" and "White Lake" Motorcycle Tour 10th - 18th September 2015

An off-road KTM 450 EXC motorbike tour through Mongolia's central provinces is the opportunity to see just what an amazing place this is. You can swim in the beautiful White Lake, climb the Khorgo Volcano and ride through the town of Kharkhorin which was once the capital of Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire. Motorbike touring in Mongolia is a great way to experience Central Asia, but you need some off-road experience. This 1400 km route will be a challenge, although part of the road between Ulaanbaatar and Kharkhorin has now been black-topped. We ride from one traditional ger camp to the next, staying in places of exceptional beauty or importance.

Motorcycle Trail to Birthplace of "Genghis Khan" 18th - 25th July 2015

Genghis Khan was born in Dadal near to the Siberian border in the north east corner of Mongolia. This is a beautiful area of mountains, forest, lakes and wide rivers. It is also of immense historical significance and we will visit the places where Genghis Khan lived until he became leader of his people and moved his capital to Kharkhorin in Central Mongolia. The 1300 km ride from Ulaanbaatar to the small village of Dadal is an experience of wilderness and culture that would be hard to beat elsewhere. There may be some river crossings (depends on recent weather conditions) although we travel out of our way to find bridges to cross the big rivers. All nights on tour are spent in the wild, camping in tents.

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» Short Motorbike Tours in Mongolia

Gobi Desert Motorbike Tour ©KTM Tour Mongolia Eastern Mongolia Motorcycle Tour ©KTM Tour Mongolia

"Middle Gobi" Motorcycle Tour 19th - 24th August 2015

Escape from Ulaanbaatar for a long weekend of exciting motorbike riding through the sparsely populated provinces of Tuv “Central” aimag and Dundgov “Middle Gobi”. Leaving from the eastern side of the city, we ride for approximately 25km on the main road to Nalaikh before branching off onto rough jeep tracks across the open rolling plains.

This itinerary is suitable for experienced riders, preferably with some off-road experience. Mostly the trail follows rough jeep tracks, but we do ride some distance on tarmac.

On this 4-day circular route we travel more than '1000 km' and will visit the unusual granite mountain at Baga Gazriin Chuluu, temple remains at Ongi Khid and another beautiful mountain, Zorgol Khairkhan nearby the sand dunes at Ovurburd Els.

Accommodation will be at traditional ger camps with all meals provided and support vehicles will carry the luggage, equipment and staff.

"Eastern Mongolia" Motorcycle Tour 27th - 31st August 2015

North East of Ulaanbaatar lies the beautiful 'Terelj' National Park on the edge of the Khan Khentii mountains which extend into Khentii province. This is an area of forests, big rivers, mountains and steppe, with many places of historical importance since it is the area where Genghis Khan was born.

This itinerary is suitable for experienced riders, preferably with some off-road experience. Mostly the trail follows rough jeep tracks, but we do ride some distance on tarmac.

Keeping off the improved tarmac roads as much as possible, we make a circular route of '700 km' starting from Ulaanbaatar and riding to Terelj and Baganuur, returning via Delgerkhaan which was the site of Genghis Khan’s original capital before it was moved to Kharkhorin.

Each night will be wild camping (tents provided) and support vehicles will carry the equipment and luggage.

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